Must-Haves to Get and Keep Gen Z Employees at Your Business

Must-Haves to Get and Keep Gen Z Employees at Your Business

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The influence of Gen Z on the global workforce is rapidly growing, with this digitally-savvy generation projected to account for 30% of the workforce by 2030. Their introduction to the professional sphere comes with unique challenges. Today, businesses face challenges engaging and retaining Gen Z talent.

According to a study by Abode, some 74% of hiring managers say Gen Zs present the greatest integration challenges for the current workforce. The fact that one in two hiring managers find it difficult to connect with members of Generation Z suggests that conventional recruitment and retention techniques need to be reconsidered.

Navigating  Gen Z Retention

Understanding Gen Z’s career aspirations and workplace needs can help pave the way for more efficient hiring and retention strategies. At the heart of this lies the importance of:

  • Clear Expectations: It’s important to spell out the complexities of a role. As an overwhelming (98%) number of Generation Zs state, there is a need for clear role expectations. These include employers being upfront about salary, benefits, day-to-day tasks, and growth opportunities. These, they say, can set the stage for a harmonious employer-employee relationship.
  • Transparent Operations: Being candid about company operations, salary structures, and expectations can alleviate Gen Z’s work-related anxieties. Notably, 52% of Gen Z professionals say they’d turn down a job if salary transparency isn’t offered.
  • Workplace Respect: For a generation dealing with a frightening mental health crisis, Generation Z sees respect in the workplace and encourages good mental health. Workplace respect for Generation Z entails providing work-life balance, demonstrating the value of their work, and encouraging good mental health.
  • Foster Genuine Relationships: The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the professional and personal development of Generation Z. This has led to increased demand for various kinds of workplace ties. Some 59% of Gen Zs want to engage with their team members, direct supervisors, and other new hires (11%) before beginning a new work. Nearly half of Gen Z workers are curious about the personalities, interests, and extracurricular activities of their new coworkers.
  • Concentrate on Communicating Consciously: Gen Zs want clear and purposeful workplace communications due to the information overload dilemma. Some 69% of Gen Z want to communicate with their new company at least once or twice per week, and 51% of them want information about a job to be clear and straightforward.

The New Approach to Recruiting Generation Z Talent

As Gen Z’s presence in the workforce grows, understanding and adapting to their unique needs becomes more than just a modern HR initiative; it’s a business imperative. Recruiting and retaining Gen Zs goes beyond just job roles and remuneration; businesses need to create ecosystems of respect, transparency, and genuine relationships. As we stand on the cusp of a new era shaped significantly by Gen Z, businesses that tune into these cues will not only attract the best of this generation but also foster environments where innovation, growth, and mutual respect flourish.

The infographic from Nowsourcing has some of the standout data points from the Abode study:

Image: Nowsourcing


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