Netflix’s 'Stranger Things' season 5 opening scene revealed

Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ season 5 opening scene revealed

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Stranger Things season 5 writers have given fans a sneak peak into the opening scene
 ‘Stranger Things’ season 5 writers have given fans a sneak peak into the opening scene 

The Stranger Things writers’ room account sent fans into a tizzy by sharing the first scene details from Season 5.

A dark scenario pans out with “the sound of COLD WIND. GROANING TREES. And… A CHILD’S VOICE. Singing a familiar song.” Speculation quickly mounted over what melody the child could be crooning.

Many deduced it hints back to Will Byers’ haunting rendition of Should I Stay or Should I Go while stuck in the Upside Down in Season 1. Excitement ballooned at the potential throwback moment tying the finale season to the inaugural episodes.

Production delays have prolonged wait time for the conclusion, with the show originally slated to release in 2024, but now estimated to hit Netflix in 2025.

Director Shawn Levy acknowledged issues like the cast’s natural aging but expressed confidence that hair, makeup and wardrobe and a ’80s aesthetic could minimize changes.

Levy said: “We’ve already watched the cast of our show grow up in the public eye, and between 12 and 22, every human being changes profoundly.”

“The 80s are also our friends in returning these young adult actors to their iconic Hawkins characters.”

“We’re going to use all the tools available to us,” said Levy of Stranger Things season 5 production. 


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