PCB Director commercial faces allegations of conflict of interest

PCB Director commercial faces allegations of conflict of interest

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Allegations of conflicts of interest have also arisen regarding the PCB director commercial. 

Babar Hamid is the owner of Orange Communications, Affinity Media, and the poster company.

His team collaborates with multinational companies, including one that has contracts with PCB. His out door media company explicitly allegedly sells sponsorships to the boards partners.

While Babar is under contract with the board, allegations of conflicts of interest are being raised against him due to his affiliations with companies. 

It is worth noting that former Pakistan Chief Selector, Inzamam-ul-Haq, is also under scrutiny for conflicts of interest related to his association with a company that deals with players, contributing to the allegations of conflicting interests. A five-member fact-finding committee is conducting an inquiry into this case.

On the query of the representative of ‘Daily Express’ PCB’s Director of Media and Communications, Aalia Rasheed, stated that Babar Hamid has declared his companies, which do not work with PCB. Babar deals with broadcasting rights, Director marketing is Usman Waheed and he deals with sponsors.