PCB officials rally behind former management, unhappy on Zaka Ashraf

PCB officials rally behind former management, unhappy on Zaka Ashraf’s extension

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The PCB officials’ sympathies continue with the former management, and most of them have expressed disapproval of the extension granted to Zaka Ashraf.

According to reports, Zaka Ashraf was granted a 3-month extension as the head of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee by the government after his tenure had officially concluded last week. 

It has been disclosed that this decision was met with disapproval within the board, as most high-ranking officials expressed support for the previous management and were hoping the possibility of bringing back Najam Sethi as the new chairman.

One high-ranking official even conveyed to coworkers that he will step down if Ashraf was granted an extension. Nonetheless, at present, no such determination has been reached. Their rapport with the chairman has been troubled since the outset, and there is suspicion that they intentionally stall the execution of decisions.

Some sideline officials who were collecting salaries without doing any work came to the forefront when Zaka Ashraf attempted to terminate them, but the high-ranked official within the board opposed this. Despite the Chairman’s dissatisfaction with his performance, he cannot be replaced due to the challenges involved in finding suitable replacements.

On the appointment of Director Legal, two senior officials from the department took leave or went on deputation, and Usman Wahla, the Director of International Cricket, has been living overseas for an extended period due to holidays.

Reports suggested that a majority of opposing officials were certain that Zaka Ashraf’s tenure at the PCB would come to an end on Friday, November 3rd. However, this did not materialize, and although he received an extension, his authority remains significantly diminished.

As per insiders, Zaka Ashraf is scheduled to hold talks with the Prime Minister regarding this issue. Additionally, the PCB is faced with the task of selling media rights in the coming days. The potential challenge lies in the fact that being confined to the execution of day-to-day affairs may hinder the ability to make significant decisions.

Sources also disclosed that just one day before his tenure ended, a foreign website published a letter criticizing Zaka Ashraf’s role within the management committee. This raised questions about the timing and why a foreign website displayed such an unusual interest in Pakistan’s internal matters.

One of the PCB officials is being held accountable for the leakage of the letter.