Prince Harry at 'uncomfortable extremes' as he attends Katy Perry's concert

Prince Harry at ‘uncomfortable extremes’ as he attends Katy Perry’s concert

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Prince Harry at uncomfortable extremes as he attends Katy Perrys concert
Prince Harry at ‘uncomfortable extremes’ as he attends Katy Perry’s concert

Prince Harry seemed detached and awkward as Meghan Markle enjoyed the Katy Perry concert, says expert.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex who attended the Dark Horse hitmaker’s concert, displayed different emotions amid the performances.

Body language Judi James told Fabulous magazine: “Harry might like to relish his role as the ‘cool one’ of the Royal Family, but that is an extremely low bar and seeing him mingling in the world of Hollywood celebrity again here his body language does define him as the proverbial fish out of water.

“It was Celine Dion getting all the fuss and star treatment here, while Harry appeared to be queuing to walk past her. In the UK he would have never been upstaged or outranked by a celebrity.

She added: “He almost looks uncomfortable or even shy in this type of environment: keen to look fun for Meghan, but quietly possibly suffering inside too.”

Ms James then commented on Meghan Markle, noting: “While Meghan clearly enjoys the concert, smiling and getting up out of her seat to clap and dance, Harry’s body language responses seem to fluctuate between extremes, as they did at the Beyonce concert.

“One minute he is laughing with his wife and leaning to chat with her friends but the next there is this facial expression of detachment and a look of awkwardness.

“As a royal, he would have inhabited royal boxes and private enclosures but here he is looking for his seat like any other punter, wandering into the wrong place and having to be tapped on the back by an usher and shown which row he is actually sitting in,” she concluded.


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