Prince Harry is being ‘set adrift’ and will never be able to find belonging

Prince Harry is being ‘set adrift’ and will never be able to find belonging

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The Duke of Sussex’s current social life has become a topic of massive discussion by experts.

These claims have been issued by relationship expert Louella Alderson.

She began by pointing out the strained nature of Prince Harry’s current social life in the US and admitted, “Harry’s reliance on his wife for social life could also contribute to him feeling adrift in LA.”

Thus, at the end, “finding a sense of belonging in a new place can be challenging without a strong support system and established connections.”

However, she does admit, it will “take some time for Harry to adjust to this environment” and life in LA.

The only way to do that is by focusing on “building a strong support system and find things that bring him joy and fulfilment in his new home.”

After all, “Harry clearly has a lot of contacts in the US, so it’s likely that with time, he will find the right people to make him feel more connected and settled in LA.”

Not to mention, “with time, he may find that LA becomes a place where he can thrive and feel grounded.”

“It’s normal for people to feel adrift in a place that is so different from what they are used to, but it’s also an opportunity for growth and new experiences. With the right support and mindset, Harry has the potential to make a fulfilling life for himself in LA.”


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