Prince Harry takes 'comedy genes' from King Charles after 'ginger' joke

Prince Harry takes ‘comedy genes’ from King Charles after ‘ginger’ joke

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Prince Harry takes comedy genes from King Charles after ginger joke
Prince Harry takes ‘comedy genes’ from King Charles after ‘ginger’ joke

Prince Harry has been compared to his father, King Charles, after his comedic new speech from home.

The Duke of Sussex last night through his California abode and poked fun at his ginger self.

Harry said in his speech: “Due to the shockingly low representation of gingers last year, and out of respect for my fellow endangered species, here I am, reporting for duty. As someone who never gets scrutinised, I haven’t even had to prepare much.”

Speaking about Harry, body language expert Judi James tells “Harry not only suits this comedy role, his body language signals suggest he positively relishes it.

“Comedy does seem to flow in the genes as his father Charles absolutely adored doing comedy skits on stage during his time at uni. Whereas Charles’s attempts to emulate the Goons often had the effect of curling toes rather than prompting belly laughs though, Harry is actually quite genuinely funny here.”

“His timing is good, with pauses in the right places and his sucked in lips and reflective eye-dart help add to the visual side of the gag. Its so good to see the man who appears to take himself far too seriously these days use self-effacing humour here and he manages to deliver his lines well enough to create a balance between ‘getting it and sharing it’ and acting like he’s been duped,” she continued.

Judi added: “There are two real body language ‘tells’ in terms of his enjoyment here though: the first is the series of small bounces onto his toes and back down again, which is a sure sign of fun-fuelled pleasure and then there are those cocked thumbs as he gesticulates, which is another sign of confidence and pleasure.


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