Prince Harry wants to do ‘absolutely nothing’ for the UK

Prince Harry wants to do ‘absolutely nothing’ for the UK

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The Duke of Sussex has just come under fire for allegedly refusing to do anything for the UK.

These claims have been made by the editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine.

She began the conversation by bashing the Sussexes for snubbing King Charles ahead of his birthday.

She started the conversation off by saying Prince Harry “should be there.”

She also went on add, “He’s shown a great reluctance to do anything in this country. And Meghan has shown an even greater reluctance.”

According to GB News, “Even when he went to the Invictus Games fairly recently, she touched down in London Airport briefly and then flew on to Germany. But I think probably the King feels that Harry’s presence probably wouldn’t be very welcome amongst the rest of the family.”

She also added, “I feel in my heart that Charles would invite his son just out of politeness, knowing that he will probably refuse. And praying that he refuses.”

Before concluding she also pointed out by saying, “Well, indeed. If it was my dad, I wouldn’t wait for an invitation. I’d be on a plane. I’d be blinking going there with a lovely gift. Poor old Charles, right? He’s 75. He’s not going to be around forever. What the hell is Harry thinking”


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