Prince Harry’s trauma expert talks ‘cash grab’ chat and 'hating it all'

Prince Harry’s trauma expert talks ‘cash grab’ chat and ‘hating it all’

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Prince Harry’s trauma expert talks ‘cash grab’ chat and hating it all
Prince Harry’s trauma expert talks ‘cash grab’ chat and ‘hating it all’

Prince Harry’s interviews allegedly regrets his interview with the royal, on a wide scale.

Mr Gabor Mate himself broke silence on everything during his appearance on Steven Bartlett’s The Diary of a CEO podcast.

There he addressed the backlash he received after the chat and said, “There was an incredible social media reaction to it, which was, for the most part, so negative and so demeaning and so dismissive and so distorted.”

“I barely even know how to talk about it. I thought by this age I would know better, but you know what, it really got to me,” he admitted.

All of this allegedly left him to suffer in silence, in a “really negative state of mind” so much so that he ended up “losing himself’

“I was in a dark place, I’m a human being like the rest,’ he continued. ‘It’s so difficult to ask for help but I did,” he also admitted during the course of his chat.

He even went as far as to bash the media for taking his words out of context and calling him things like “stern, overbearing, and a merchant of pain.”

Photo: Prince Harry
Photo: Prince Harry

He also touched on the need to charge people for admission to this event and said, “I had a gut feeling all along that I shouldn’t agree the way they set it up. Because the way it was set up, to watch it, people had to buy a copy of Harry’s book.”

“I thought, ‘This is not fair, four million people have already bought the book. Why can’t they watch this interview?’ They had to buy another copy. “

“I believed this should be a free public service from two people who are having a very interesting conversation.”

“But out of sheer opportunism I agreed to it. I didn’t follow my gut feeling. I agreed to something that I didn’t really like.”

“Not that I didn’t like the idea of talking with him, I didn’t like the idea of putting myself behind a pay wall. I lost myself just in agreeing to do it.”

“I don’t care if people agree with me or if they refute my ideas, but I want them to see me and what I’m actually saying, not some distorted version created by their own minds.”

“So what if someone says [something bad about me]. I don’t live in the press. I don’t live in someone else’s mind. Here I am. Let them think and say what they want,” he also added before signing off. 


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