Prince William never thought Harry was ‘capable of’ attacking Royal family

Prince William never thought Harry was ‘capable of’ attacking Royal family

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Prince William had no idea Prince Harry was capable of attacking the Royal family when he stepped down as senior working royal in 2020 with his wife Meghan Markle.

Discussing whether or not the feuding brothers would ever reconcile, US commentator Kinsey Schofield said there are chances that Harry’s rift with William and the rest of the Royal family is “permanent.”

Earlier, a royal author, Tom Quinn, made a bombshell claim that Harry’s split from his family is “very likely to be permanent” as Royals are “hurt” by the Duke’s behaviour.

Reacting to his remarks, Schofield said during an appearance on Mark Dolan Tonight that Quinn is a “brilliant author,” while agreeing with his claims.

“I’m out here with a lot of people from your neck of the woods and they are telling me the same thing, that the family is absolutely stunned by Harry’s activity,” she said.

“They’re devastated and there is no reconciliation on the horizon as far as people close to the Royal family are concerned,” Schofield added.

“They just do not see that reunion happening. They say that the royal family is truly, truly hurt by Harry’s actions over the last few years and they never thought he was capable of such things.”

In response to her remarks, the host said, “I find that very sad. I think you and I will agree we’ve had our differences with Harry and Meghan and their behaviour.”

“But I, and I’m sure you, would really like Harry to reunite with his family because blood is thicker than water.”


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