Robert Di Niro came off as 'terrifying' to Anne Hathaway on 'The Intern' set

Robert Di Niro came off as ‘terrifying’ to Anne Hathaway on ‘The Intern’ set

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Robert Di Niro came off as terrifying to Anne Hathaway on The Intern set
Robert Di Niro came off as ‘terrifying’ to Anne Hathaway on ‘The Intern’ set

Anne Hathaway once revealed how she was terrified of Robert De Niro during the shooting of their 2015 film The Intern.

According to Impulse Gamer, the Princess Diaries star said that after her initial meeting with the veteran actor, she gave him “the silent treatment.”

In the Nancy Meyers movie, Robert plays the role of an intern at an online fashion site run by Anne’s character but because the Oscar-winner is a senior actor, she constantly found herself tongue-tied around him.

“I couldn’t talk around him for the first three weeks. I just felt like an idiot, everything I said, but once I calmed down about that, I just trusted the words,” the 40-year-old actress recalled.

Moreover, she shared how the pair became closer after they went to the mall together, “Bob and I did some extreme bonding at the Century 21 mall. We went shopping, but we didn’t do anything special.”

In another interview with The Toronto Sun, Anne said that her role in The Intern was the one she picked with a clear head.

“I can’t explain why it happened in this movie, but previously I used to sign movies from a place of insecurity and self-doubt,” she said.

The old quote resurfaced at a time when Robert is facing a lawsuit filed by his former assistant who is demanding $12million in damages for “causing severe emotional distress and reputational harm.”


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