Sabrina Carpenter slays Halloween with spooky 'Feather' music video: Watch

Sabrina Carpenter slays Halloween with spooky ‘Feather’ music video: Watch

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Sabrina Carpenter slays Halloween with spooky Feather music video: Watch
Sabrina Carpenter slays Halloween with spooky ‘Feather’ music video: Watch

In a Halloween treat for her fans, pop star Sabrina Carpenter delivered a spine-tingling and visually captivating music video for her song Feather just before the spooky season came to an end. 

The 24-year-old artist, known for her impressive vocal range and catchy tunes, took a dark and horror-inspired turn in her latest music video.

Sabrina Carpenter takes on the role of a femme fatale who embarks on a (somewhat accidental) killing spree, targeting boys who’ve wronged her.

The video explores themes of empowerment as Carpenter’s character dispatches a group of catcallers, toxic mansplainers, and a man who took a photo up her skirt, with an eerie and darkly comical tone. 

Rather than mourning the demise of these men, their tombstones humorously read, “He was just OK,” as Carpenter dances in a black tulle dress around their funeral altar and makes her exit in a pink hearse, an image perfectly fitting for a pop star.

The song’s lyrics convey a cheeky post-breakup anthem with Carpenter singing, “I feel so much lighter like a feather with you off my mind / Floatin’ through the memories like whatever / You’re a waste of time.”

Carpenter teased the video a day before its release, sharing a clip on her Instagram with the caption, “no trick just treat happy halloweeeeeeen,” embracing the horror references that would unfold in the video.

After announcing the release of “Feather” on Instagram, the singer also shared behind-the-scenes photos from the making of the video, providing fans with a glimpse of the fun and campy production. 

Feather was included as part of the bonus tracks on the deluxe edition of “Emails I Can’t Send Fwd:,” which Carpenter released in March 2023, several months after the initial release of her fifth studio album in July 2022.


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