Saturn's iconic rings' to vanish by 2025 — Will they ever come back?

Saturn’s iconic rings’ to vanish by 2025 — Will they ever come back?

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This illustration shows Saturns tilt and view of its rings in upcoming years. — Nasa/File
This illustration shows Saturn’s tilt and view of its rings in upcoming years. — Nasa/File

Saturn enthusiasts have a limited time left to witness the iconic rings of the gas giant, as NASA has revealed that they will be obscured from view in 18 months due to an optical illusion, but the rings will be visible again by 2032.

By March 2025, Saturn’s renowned rings, stretching from 43,500 to 87,000 miles, equivalent to 30 Earths, will become invisible from Earth owing to the planet’s tilt within its orbit.

The unique phenomenon occurs when Earth sees Saturn on a horizontal plane every 13.5 to 15.7 years, rendering the cosmic dust bands imperceptible. 

Despite their immense size, the rings, with a thickness as narrow as 300 feet in most areas, will vanish from our view, despite being 746 million miles away.

Currently tilted at 9 degrees downward, Saturn’s tilt will reduce to a barely noticeable 3.7 degrees by 2024. 

As describes it, observing the celestial circles during this period will be akin to “a sheet of paper edge-on when it’s positioned at the far end of a soccer field.”

However, the disappearance is temporary, as Saturn will rotate again, showcasing the other side of its rings, with a peak display expected in 2032 when the tilt angle hits 27 degrees.

The next opportunity to witness Saturn from its side will occur on October 15, 2038, followed by additional events on April 1 and July 9, 2039, forming an intergalactic hat trick. 

Saturn boasts seven distinct rings composed of ice, rocky debris, and dust, believed to be remnants of comets, asteroids, and moons influenced by the planet’s powerful gravitational pull.

While the disappearance in 2025 is attributed to an optical illusion, scientists also predict a potential permanent loss of Saturn’s rings in the distant future. 

Some experts suggest that the celestial bracelets could vanish entirely in approximately 300 million years, a relatively brief period in cosmic terms.


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