Sofia Coppola dismisses late Lisa Marie 'Priscilla' criticism

Sofia Coppola dismisses late Lisa Marie ‘Priscilla’ criticism

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Sofia Coppola dismisses late Lisa Marie Priscilla criticism
Sofia Coppola dismisses late Lisa Marie ‘Priscilla’ criticism

Lisa Marie, the daughter of Elvis Presley, slammed Priscilla as to paint her dad as “vengeful.” However, director Sofia Coppola dismissed the criticism without naming names about her upcoming project, which focuses on the rockstar’s wife.

During an interview with Total Film, the Lost in Translation filmmaker clarified, “I never wanted to vilify [Elvis],” she continued.

Noting, “There were fun moments, and they loved each other, and then there’s dark moments, and how to balance that, so that it wasn’t too much one way. I tried not to think about all the other opinions. I really just focused on her story.”

For the film, the Golden Globe winner collaborated closely with Priscilla Presley for historical accuracy.

The 52-year-old added, “I spoke to her a lot as I was preparing it,” adding, “She made herself available. It was important for me that she felt good about it and that it represented what she was trying to express.”

“So that was a challenge: how do I make what I want to make, but also make sure that it respects her and is telling her story?”

Last year, Lisa, prior to her death, fired off a letter of disapproval to Sofia, calling her script “vengeful and contemptuous.”

Priscilla will hit the theatres on January 5, 2024. The film tells the story of Elvis and his wife Priscilla, their budding romance, and distressing downfalls. 


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