Sofia Coppola's 'Priscilla' left yearning for Lana Del Rey's musical touch

Sofia Coppola’s ‘Priscilla’ left yearning for Lana Del Rey’s musical touch

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Sofia Coppolas Priscilla left yearning for Lana Del Reys musical touch
Sofia Coppola’s ‘Priscilla’ left yearning for Lana Del Rey’s musical touch

Sofia Coppola, whose movie Priscilla is currently playing in theatres, has recently revealed that she wanted to feature the music icon Lana Del Rey on the movie’s soundtrack.

The American filmmaker-actress stated, “We were hoping she could do a song for it, but it didn’t work out with the timing.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the songstress appeared in an interview with E! News and revealed that she first learned about the connection between Lana and Elvis while filming her movie Priscilla

Sofia said, “I didn’t realize that people really connect Lana and Priscilla, and I received a lot of questions about how she will be part of the movie.”

Lana Del Rey is a fan girl of Priscilla and Elvis

The singer has been a long-time fan of Priscilla and her husband Elvis, who is also referred to as King of Rock and Roll.

Lana has never shied away from expressing her fandom for the famous couple, as she has often embodied Priscilla in her music career and also made references to the music legend in the lyrics of her songs. An example is the lyrics “Elvis is my daddy” in her song Body Electric.

Sofia Coppola excited for Lana to see her movie

Sofia’s movie Priscilla is about the love story of a famous couple who met in 1959 and married in 1967.

The filmmaker reveals that she had invited the Young and Beautiful singer to the movie premiere, but unfortunately, the songstress was unable to attend.

Sofia is excited for Lana to see the movie, which is based on the love life of Lana’s idols.


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