The CEO of Kitchen United Says This Is His Most Essential Business Tool | Entrepreneur

The CEO of Kitchen United Says This Is His Most Essential Business Tool | Entrepreneur

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“We’ll be friends forever.” That notable quote from A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh sums up how Kitchen United CEO Atul Sood approaches life and business.

Friendship is paramount to success, even more so in the social media era.

Atul Sood places a unique emphasis on the power of friendships as a driving force for both his personal and professional success.

He “assumes friendship” upon first meeting someone. For him, friendships mean respect, trust, and love, while transcending the boundaries of work.

“When you work with your friends, it doesn’t feel like work,” Atul Sood shares with friend and host Shawn P. Walchef of Cali BBQ Media.

“You can have intimate conversations about life choices and mistakes and ambitions, and you can share things that you generally don’t share with people who you work with. And that’s nice. That’s the point of life to me.”

Taking a step beyond conventional professional engagement, Atul Sood actively engages with his audience through social media. He shares insights not only about Kitchen United but also about industry developments and personal experiences.

When interacting as a consumer, he intentionally leaves meaningful comments on posts, recognizing the importance of building relationships beyond the confines of his own content and adding value by doing so.

As he explains, “I engage outside of my wall, and that’s important, too, because there are other people who are building content. And the way the algorithm works If I comment, it broadens the reach.”

Sood’s approach to leadership is not just about building successful businesses but creating spaces where authentic connections and shared experiences thrive. His undeniable vibrance is attributed to his ability to assume friendship upon meeting people.

This superpower allows him to open up and share his struggles, advocating for a culture of openness and encouraging others not to navigate challenges alone. He emphasizes the importance of selecting a trusted circle of individuals outside of one’s immediate family and spouse. That way you take in diverse perspectives, share struggles openly, and receive honest feedback.

“Not everybody is extroverted. Not everybody assumes friendship and will reveal stuff to people that you just met,” he says told Shawn while visiting Cali BBQ in San Diego. “I’m all about openness and sharing struggles.”

Atul Sood’s positive outlook is sure to serve him well as he navigates the inevitable challenges in his newly appointed role as Kitchen United CEO. Luckily, motivation will not be an issue for Sood.

Not with so many friends around.

“You can find hope and inspiration anywhere.”

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