TXT Soobin breaks silence on his 'secret' role model

TXT Soobin breaks silence on his ‘secret’ role model

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File Footage TXT Soobin reveals his secret role model in interview with Big Hit Music
File Footage TXT Soobin reveals his ‘secret’ role model in interview with Big Hit Music

Titled as Team TXT, a recent group interview has been released by Big Hit Music, in which the group members shared views on different aspects of their career, for instance their fans, dreams, reality, pain, courage, youth, and growth.

The five member group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), includes Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and HueningKai.

As the interview approached its growth segment, Soobin, who is the leader of TXT, was inquired about any area in his life that he wanted to grow in but had not yet.

To this question the 22-year-old K-pop member spilled the beans, addressing his role model.

“I wanted to become a really cool and mature adult but I guess I’m too young for that yet. With some people, you can tell they’re deep just by talking to them. When I’m talking to Namjoon (RM) from BTS I feel that way,” Soobin revealed.

Hailing BTS’s Rap Monster for his maturity, Soobin continued, “I want to be someone like him as I grow up. He’s like my role model, I want to be someone like him but I think I’m too young and immature to be like him yet.”

Soobin went on to share a recent occurrence where he and his members demonstrated a great deal of maturity.

During the group’s performance at the VMAs, a state of confusion stirred up at the stage when the dance and the formation set were changed. Amid this turbulence, Soobin along with other members managed to remain calm and composed, without letting it affect their mood.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) recently returned with their K-pop music in The Name Chapter: FREEFALL. The hit album features nine tracks along with the lead single Chasing That Feeling


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