Zendaya's casting as lead in upcoming 'Cleopatra' movie sparks controversy

Zendaya’s casting as lead in upcoming ‘Cleopatra’ movie sparks controversy

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Zendayas casting as lead in upcoming Cleopatra movie sparks backlash
Zendaya’s casting as lead in upcoming ‘Cleopatra’ movie sparks backlash

Hollywood’s obsession with Cleopatra, the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, is far from over as it has been reported that Sony Pictures is planning a new biography picture regarding the late queen. However, a controversy has emerged regarding the rumoured cast of the movie.

Several films and drama series have been released regarding Cleopatra, whose life is often associated with political intrigue, romance, and tragedy.

Another Cleopatra movie is underway

According to Hindustan Times, an insider named Daniel Richtman has claimed that after the release of Dune: Part II, Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve will start working on his next project titled Cleopatra.

He adds that the movie will be based on the biography, Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff, and its script will be prepared by David Scarpa, known for writing the Napoleon movie.

In an interview with TVA, Denis confirmed his upcoming project, stating, “I also have a historical film project on the life of Cleopatra. This project is underway, and it excites me a lot. I hope I can bring it to the screen before or after filming the second part of Dune.”

Zendaya’s casting sparks controversy

However, a controversy has emerged regarding the actress rumoured to be playing the lead role in the movie. The Spider-Man star Zendaya has reportedly taken the role of Cleopatra, and the decision to cast her in the movie didn’t really fit well with netizens. 

One user expressed their concern on X, formerly Twitter, by writing, “What’s Hollywood’s obsession with casting anyone but Greek people for Cleopatra movies?”

Another stated, “Cleopatra was Greek. She was not African or any other race, but Greek.”

Rumoured cast of Cleopatra movie

Other rumoured cast members in the Cleopatra movie include Timothee Chalamet for Octavius and Daniel Craig for Caesar.


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